About us

What is Baun Studio?

Baunstudio is a danish brand, which has its primary focus on party outfits to girls. All the products are handmade and are adjustable. That means that you can write whatever measurement you need, and the clothes will be special designed for you. 

Who is behind Baun Studio?

The owner of Baunstudio is Alberte Muff.  

Alberte Muff is a 20-year old student from Copenhagen in Denmark. Baunstudio began as an experiment, who had its focus on producing cheap popular products, that everyone could afford.
On only a few months Baunstudio has accomplished to be the popular firm, that already has provided above 1000 satisfied customers. Including influencers like Emma Chamberlain, Barbara Kristoffersen, Julie Hermann, Astrid Olsen etc.
If you have any questions you are more than welcome to contact us, either on mail Baunstudio1@gmail.com or send a dm on instagram @baun_studio  
Thank you for stepping by.
 Who is Alberte Muff?