Sustainable slow fashion brand Sustainable slow fashion brand designed in Denmark ♻️



How is Baun Studio sustainable? 
We strive to be as sustainable as possible. Right now all shipments are climate compensated and we use recyclable bamboo plastic for our shipping bags. All remaining material is used to make tube tops and bikinis, so we get as little waste material as possible.

We are currently investigating whether the fabric can be made sustainably as well. No products are thrown out and we only produce the number that is sold. ¨

All our waist is sorted in both production and shipping center 

Where are the products produced?  

All products are produced in Europe and designed in Denmark to reduce transport and CO₂  emissions. All products are made under proper working conditions. 

The productions company is BSCI approved in the highest rank (A). Read more here



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    • 12th of may 2020 The first top was made 
    • 12th of June 2020 First influencer post by @astridroe 
    • 13th of June 2020 First 100 orders since the beginning  
    • 21st of August 2020, New collection with Baun Studio design 
    • 11th of December 2020, 4k followers on instagram 
    • 3rd of February 2021, Emma Chamberlain post on instagram in Baun Studio  
    • 10th of February 2021, Instagram deactivated
    • 14th of February 2021, Makes new Instagram 
    • 1st of April 2021, Gets 10.000 followers on the new instagram 
    • 21st of April 2021, Elle Netherlands post about Baun Studio 
    • 6th of May 2021, 3 pages article in Vi Unge 
    • 1st of May 2021, Featured in Cosmopolitan 
    • 20th of August 2021, Starts production abroad 


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About Baun Studio

For a while I have had a desire to write a little about me and Baun Studio on this website. I hope this blog post will give a little insight into my reflections, unique style and the decisions I have had to make in my clothing store.

Baun Studio has become a huge part of my life, and when I founded this clothing company, I had in no way dared to hope for the success that it has become today. 

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